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Make Better Decision-Making Contagious!

Share your own anecdotes of how you have used any form of divination (or perhaps benefited from theĀ Ask Paulo advice column) to think differently or make better decisions — especially any that may have informed a new direction or had real impact on your life.

Don’t worry about how well it is written — just sharing your personal story will inspire other viewers (as well as have them root for you). Thank you for sharing in this revolutionary educational work!

6 Responses

  1. clegare says:

    heard george noory on coast to coast fri nite and it was very uplifting!

  2. Jonda Matsuo says:

    I cannot find the phone app in iTunes. I would like to purchase it. What is it called and who makes it?

    Thanks you very much!

    • Paul O'Brien says:

      There is a link to the appropriate place in the stores right on the page that our App ad on the homepage links to …
      anyway, in the stores, the App is named “Visionary I Ching Oracle Cards” … Thanks!

    • Paul O'Brien says:

      You can find it as “Visionary I Ching Oracle Cards” … if you just type “Visionary” or “i Ching” in the Apple or Google stores, you will find it. It is a free download that you can upgrade for a fee to the full version anytime you decide it’s well worth it!

  3. Alan Meyer says:

    I’ve dabbled with the i ching for years, but your phone app and its interpretations are like fog lifting and revealing a clear path. I’m so glad George had you as a guest tonight.

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