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Portland Author to Speak at Haiwen Conference in Beijing, China


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Portland Author to Speak at Haiwen Conference in Beijing, China

Portland, Oregon. The Divination Foundation announced today that Executive Director Paul O’Brien will address the Haiwen Professional Development Conference in Beijing, China on October 23, 2015. Mr. O’Brien is author of the new book Great Decisions, Perfect Timing: Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence, which features a foreword by John Gray (author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus).

The subject of Mr. O’Brien’s lecture is Using the I Ching for Strategic Decision Making. “I will present the use of the ancient Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching) for a modern Chinese audience who have been largely deprived of their indigenous Taoist wisdom. My work is a tribute to this profound inner guidance system that assisted me so well during my career as founder and producer of some of the first multi-media programs: Synchronicity in 1989, the Oracle of Changes CD-ROM, the development of the world’s largest divination website, and most currently the Visionary I Ching app for smartphones,” says O’Brien, who used the I Ching to improve his own decision-making for 40 years—including the decisions to start, manage and ultimately sell his thriving internet publishing and ecommerce business.

The I Ching has a 3000-year history with emperors, sages and military leaders utilizing it to help with strategic decision-making, especially in times of change and uncertainty. As O’Brien puts it, “The I Ching stimulates your intuition and encourages thinking outside the box for more skillful and creative decisions around problems that logic can’t handle.” This Taoist classic is a sourcebook of practical wisdom that can be used to manage the changes and challenges of these chaotic times, as people look for solutions to confusing problems and dilemmas.

“As a decision-making tool, the I Ching has helped me with that most critical of elements that led to my business success: timing. Making decisions that are premature or too late can make the difference between hitting the mark or missing the boat in terms of personal and strategic opportunities,” O’Brien explains.

Paul O’Brien’s introduction to the I Ching as a teenager in San Francisco, followed by 40 years of studying the Taoist classic, inspired him to compose a modern and illustrated version of the I Ching, called Visionary I Ching—first as interactive software, as a website (, then in eBook form and now as a smartphone App—to serve as an intuitive decision-making aid that is useful in modern times.

About Paul O’Brien

Paul O’Brien invented the divination software category when he released the Synchronicity program in 1989. He founded what became the world’s largest astrology and divination website ( and is the author of three books Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of GodThe Visionary I Ching, and Great Decisions, Perfect Timing. Paul has been the host of Pathways, a radio interview program focused on personal and cultural transformation for 30 years. For more information about The Visionary I Ching and other tools for decision-making visit


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