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Great Decisions, Perfect Timing — Press Release


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Visionary Entrepreneur Paul O’Brien Releases Anticipated Book

Great Decisions, Perfect Timing—Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence

[Portland, Oregon] Paul O’Brien—visionary software inventor, author, philosopher and founder of the educational Divination Foundation—announces the release of his much anticipated book Great Decisions, Perfect Timing-Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence. The book is a manifesto for achieving happiness and success using the author’s Visionary Decision Making principles, which leverage the most esoteric discoveries of the depth psychologist, Carl Jung.

Based on O’Brien’s amazing true story of entrepreneurial success against all odds, this groundbreaking book guides the reader through self-discovery toward the development of skills that cultivate intuitive decision-making and, ultimately, the perfection of timing. The reader will receive wise but practical guidance on how to boldly take the risks that grow you and execute strategic decisions with primary help from an intuition that is grounded in self-knowledge, allowed the freedom it needs to operate creatively and which is tempered by logic.

This is the only book on strategic decision-making that goes beyond an explanation of Jung’s most esoteric and powerful discoveries—including Synchronicity and Archetypes—showing the reader how to actually put these powerful agencies to effective use for the sake of the most high-leverage human activity—strategic decision-making. The book explains how nothing affects the probability of our success and happiness more than the quality of the decisions we make. The philosophy and practices in this book provide a catalyst for manifesting success in all areas of life and ultimately a synchronistic lifestyle marked by abundance and joy, by means of a discriminating intuitive sense and the greatest skill of all—a superior sense of timing.

Throughout the book Paul O’Brien weaves a compelling narrative using his personal experience and hard-won wisdom, which adds up to an amazing ‘do-what-you-love’ success story. How the author developed Synchronistic Philosophy and Lifestyle in the process of living a visionary life comes alive for the reader in a way that is humbly open, honest and entirely relatable. Here is a philosophy that does not depend on articles of faith, but on the continuous process of transcending the ego by upgrading one’s current beliefs and honoring the grace of synchronicity—Carl Jung’s secret of perfect timing consciousness—all of which results in a way of life that is graceful, abundant and a lot more fun.

The book includes a frank examination of modern culture and socialization, showing how an ever accelerating rate of change—combined with the constant bombardment of the mind and senses—gives rise to behaviors that impair decision making—such as impulsiveness or procrastination—and accompanying feelings of anxiety. The book offers simple but effective techniques for overcoming these and other fear-compensating tendencies with practices that tap a collective reservoir of infinite intelligence (which Jung called the “collective unconscious”) whenever creative power is needed to counterbalance fear and anxiety.

A compelling foreword by John Gray, Ph.D., author of the bestselling and acclaimed book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, provides a testimonial that acknowledges O’Brien for his ability to guide readers towards optimal decision making with a special toolkit of practices that, if cultivated, ensure abundance and joy.

Great Decisions, Perfect Timing-Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence is available on Amazon.

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About Paul O’Brien

Paul O’Brien is a visionary entrepreneur who invented a new category of software in 1989, which evolved to become the world’s largest astrology and divination website. He sold the company in 2007 and has since authored three books. Paul is a sought-after speaker, philanthropist and founder of the educational Divination Foundation ( For 30 years, he has hosted the Pathways radio show, an interview program focused on personal and cultural transformation.

Paul’s book Visionary I Ching, The Book of Changes for the 21st Century, (Visionary Networks Press, October 2012) is a beautifully illustrated eBook that offers the reader insights into current conditions in their lives, and tools for managing change. The Visionary I Ching is a non-sexist, non-militarist interpretation of the oldest of humanity’s classical divination systems. The book is illustrated with inspirational art for each of the I Ching hexagrams. This modern version renders this ancient divination system truly useful as an enlightened decision-making tool for modern times and forms the backbone of’s online I-Ching features.

Paul’s first book Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God (Visionary Networks Press, July 2007) showed how authentic divination systems (like the I Ching) help people make better decisions for better relationships, greater success and less stress. Paul teaches how you can use divination tools to stimulate your intuition to think outside the box around problems that logic can’t handle — especially strategic personal and professional decisions we now have to make more quickly than ever. The book illustrates how divination systems work, their history, psychology, and how to apply these tools for optimal results.

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