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Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God — Press Release

In this breakthrough book, the Founder and CEO of, the world’s leading website for Astrology, Tarot and authentic divination that provides content for AOL, Google, MySpace, and many others – reveals the truth behind these sacred systems and how they can be used to create a better life through better thinking.

What is divination? Many assume that divination is fortune-telling, but according to O’Brien’s Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God, this is not the half of it. He explains how authentic divination systems work and how they are actually a form of communication that is two- way, with the seeker receiving feedback that is meaningful and helpful in the present moment. Insights include:

  • How to differentiate between authentic divination and fortune-telling
  • Learn to make decisions that logic can’t handle
  • Reduce stress around life’s changes
  • Better manage sensitive relationships and social situations
  • Develop superior timing
  • Access creative insight and intuition
  • Achieve well-rounded personal success

The book not only explains how divination systems work according to the psychological research of depth psychologist Carl Jung, it also details the history of the five classical divination systems, the opposition of the church, the role that divination played east and west including in the bible, and the use of divination systems in modern life.

PRAISE FOR DIVINATION “Read this book – Divination will help you gain valuable insight into the hidden realms. As you claim the power of the archetypes, you can enjoy a more meaningful life.”
—Deepak Chopra, Author of Life After Death: The Burden of Proof. Dr. Chopra contributed an article on oracle systems for the appendix of the book.

“… I have found that Tarot and I Ching help one think outside the box, to view situations and relationships with more creativity and wisdom.”
—John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus from his essay in the book.

“When reason and commonsense are insufficient guides to action, and faith tells us how to act but not where or when, where can a person turn? Divination by Paul O’Brien is an inspiring call for the use of modern versions of ancient divination systems. When logic fails, discover how to make yourself think outside the box. This book is full of ideas to challenge you and take you beyond all assumptions about what divination is to what it CAN BE—a set of spiritual power tools, available any time, day or night, to help you function more effectively within a constantly changing world. I highly recommend this well-written and warmly engaging book for answering all your questions about whether divination has anything to offer you—and the answer is it does!”
—Mary Greer, author of Tarot for You and several related books published by Llewellyn.

“Written with humor and passion by one of the pioneers of interactive divination software, this book provides an excellent overview of humanity’s best tools for self-discovery and transformation, and how to get the most positive spiritual benefit out of them.”
—Rick Levine, co-author of Your Astrology Guide 2007 and daily horoscope author for AOL Horoscopes

About the Author: Paul O’Brien is the progenitor of the divination software category. His Synchronicity program for Macintosh in 1989 was the first interactive divination software program published. In the process of developing it, he became the author of the Visionary I Ching, which was the modern interpretation of the I Ching used for the text in Synchronicity and later, and soon to be published in book form. He is the producer of Oracle of Changes CD- ROM and Tarot Magic CD-ROM and the founder and Chief Visionary of

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Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God
Published by: Visionary Networks Press
Pub Month: July 2007
Price: $22.00/ 978-0-9795425-0-3
Hardcover / 240-pages