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Part of our mission is to teach the art of using spiritual technologies that help people make better decisions with perfect (let’s just say ‘superior’ 🙂 timing. They say it takes 10,000 hours to really master anything and that is a LOT of time (see “Is it Karma or Dharma” blog about Outliers) so we promote the value of practicing often. First, some important reminders as you set about creating and strengthening your chosen practices:

  • Have compassion for yourself. It’s not easy to be a beginner, especially in cultures that promote the idea of instant everything … instant fame, instant results.
  • Have compassion for yourself. You will make mistakes. This is part of the give and take process of learning. Five steps forward, three steps back is par for the course!
  • Check in with yourself. Acknowledge your growth and assess your progress. You’ll be amazed how timely new information can help you break old habits and form new ones.

And, thank you for caring enough about yourself to explore or engage in any kind of consciousness expanding practice. Please share your stories, especially how your learning is supporting greater happiness and success. Help us make better thinking as contagious as smiling!

daily practices for a happier life

As we work on building the Divination Foundation’s resource library, we expect to add additional links and references here.

Interactive Divination Tools and Readings

Here are some of our favorite resources for adding a little interactive divination to your daily practice. (Note: As founder of, Paulo knows that these are quality online divination experiences … and the world’s best astrologers too!) If you have additional recommendations, please contact us.

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