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19: Approach of Spring

Approach of Spring

Spring is approaching. Good times seem inevitable; there is vitality in the air. This is a most auspicious time. Like a snake emerging from hibernation, negative forces are only beginning to stir, and can be effectively controlled. This is a time of hopeful progress, and must be used to best advantage. When approaching good fortune, conscientious work pays great dividends. A clear road lies ahead. In the spring, seeds that have been lying dormant are ready to bloom.

Act now, for at some point this ripe opportunity for advancement will be challenged. No spring lasts forever. It’s always wise to stay alert and note the changing signs of the times. In doing so, preparing for less abundant times is a noble and fruitful effort. Make the most of it.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

When the forces of good begin to prevail, people of influence take notice, and men and women of ability are drawn to the center of action. If you sense such movement, you are well advised to join in. But don’t let yourself be swept away by the tide of events. Careful movement brings good fortune.

Line 2

If you are presented with an opportunity, prospects for success are very favorable. This is an excellent time to make a clear decision and take strong, valiant action. When a person possesses inner strength and self-confidence, the future need not be a concern, for everything will move in a positive direction.

Line 3

When things are going well, the great danger is that you will become too relaxed and careless. Enjoy your successes, but remain mindful of how you have achieved them. There is a natural human tendency to let up once you are ahead, but the great players challenge themselves until the end of the game.

Line 4

An open-minded approach brings success. Organizations that value performance over superficial qualities advance more quickly than those that take a complacent, cliquey attitude. Avoid prejudices against those of different backgrounds. When complacency creeps into your personal life, radical action may be necessary to change the prevailing mood.

Line 5

The greatest leaders reveal their true power by attracting people of excellent ability, and by allowing key associates the freedom to exercise their own judgment. The person able to give power to those who can effectively exercise it, gains much more power in return.

Line 6 (top line)

When a sage returns from seclusion to reenter the day-to-day world, great good fortune falls on those whom he teaches and helps. Seek objective advice from those you respect, particularly those who have not been caught up in your worldly affairs. Their perceptions may be to provide you with a new window on the world. Spring is the season of new relationships. In the bounty of good times, new bonds are formed effortlessly. Relationships born in spring can serve well to warm the following autumn and winter.