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I Ching Hexagram Artwork

Since it became popular in the west, some artists have been inspired by the I Ching to illustrate the hexagrams in pictures. Below are two inspirational collections of artwork designed to accompany the I Ching hexagram interpretations.

by artist Joan Larimore

Each of Joan Larimore’s abstracts incorporate the two of the eight Chinese elements that make up the 64 individual hexagrams. According to Chinese metaphysics, these eight elements are: Heaven, Earth, the Abyss, Mountain, Fire, Lake, Wind, and Thunder and Lightning. All images are © Joan Larimore. For more information on original artwork that may be for sale, contact joanlarimore[at]

from Paul O’Brien’s Oracle of Changes CD ROM

These I Ching paintings, by Sholeh Dalai, were featured in Paul’s original Oracle of Changes CDRom. Her approach was to capture the feeling and energy of each hexagram by using the imagery in the text as a source of inspiration.