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The Use of I Ching and Other Divination Tools for Everyday Life

By Deepak Chopra, MD.

The world consists of physical, quantum and virtual realms of existence. The physical realm includes the material world and our physical bodies. The quantum realm includes the forces and subatomic particles that underlie the material world, as well as our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. The virtual realm contains personal, archetypal (mythical), and universal domains. Our soul is in the personal domain, which uses the seeds of memory and desire in shaping how we perceive and interpret our current reality.

Our personal soul is the manifestation of archetypal themes. It is through our attention and intention that we determine which theme, which story, which interpretation to manifest. Moment by moment the virtual realm actualizes through our thoughts. Every thought is either a memory or desire. Unconsciously, we weave stories around our memories and desires and act out these stories in what we experience as our everyday life. The same phenomenon is at work in our dreams, only during dreams we are not engaging with the outer world.

Oracles, such as Tarot and I Ching, allow us to become consciously aware of what is going on in the virtual realm. Depending on our own spiritual awareness, we may access the personal, collective or universal domain. An oracle is not a substitute for spiritual evolution or spiritual disciplines. It is however, an excellent tool, particularly when we are practicing a meditation discipline. With meditation we find the appropriate interpretation that will enable us to be conscious of how our soul is acting out its stories, recognizing that every interpretation is unique.

Spiritual disciplines and oracles reinforce each other. If we meditate we are better able to prophesize, and we have greater access to the virtual realm. Through spiritual disciplines we can go beyond the personal to the archetypal and ultimately get in touch with God.

The virtual realm is beyond space, time, and causality. Depending upon the depth we reach, we can know it as the immeasurable potential of all that was, is and will be. All time lines, all event lines coexist as possibilities. There is no linear time. This is the domain of awareness that is available in meditation and that can be also accessed through the oracles.

Oracles like the I Ching and Tarot Cards help us access our intuitive response. Intuition is a form of intelligence that is contextual, relational, holistic, nurturing. It doesn’t have a win/lose orientation. It goes beyond linear cause/effect relationships. It is your mind eavesdropping on the mind of the cosmos. The essence of the intuitive response is revealed in the New Testament in the words of Christ when he says, “Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” The great Sufi poet Rumi says, “The whole universe exists inside you. Ask all from yourself.” The self that you ask from is not your ego self but your soul, which is part universal consciousness. I Ching and Tarot cards are tools that allow you to access this deeper domain of universal consciousness. You and I may get the same reading, but will have different interpretations because the interpretations are a result of the meanings, contexts, relationships and archetypal themes of our individual lives. In other words, they are derived from our karmic software.

Whenever you approach an oracle, sit for a few moments with your eyes closed and allow your awareness to settle. Bring your attention into your heart and ask your Spirit to provide you the guidance you are seeking. Cultivate an attitude of curiosity, innocence and openness, and you will be able to interpret the information that emerges in a way that is most evolutionary for you. The more open you are to hearing the clues provided through the oracle, the more likely they will guide you toward greater meaning, creativity and fulfillment in your life.

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