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The Visionary I Ching — Sample Questions

For Television and Radio Interviewers

Questions for Paul O’Brien about The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making AND the new Visionary I Ching APP (iPhone and Android smartphones)

Author Paul O’Brien invented the divination software category in 1989 and was the founder of, which became the largest astrology and divination website in the world until he sold the business to a large media company in 2007 and started the non-profit Divination Foundation.

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Possible Interview Themes

  • The invention of a Divination Software category with the Synchronicity I-Ching program for Mac in 1989 (one of the first multimedia titles)
  • Divination as a spiritual technology … a software version is a user interface issue … providing universal access
  • History of the I Ching, one of the oldest books in the world, but always much more than a book …
  • The difference between authentic divination and fortune-telling
  • What is the Synchronicity Principle? You teach that we can learn how to use it!
  • Modern applications of divination systems like the I Ching or Tarot
  • Using the I Ching to awaken or stimulate intuition
  • Beware of ‘psychic friends’!
  • The Crucial Importance of Visionary Decision Making
  • Why we really should be great at it (but also why we suck)
  • Perfect Timing (what is it, really?)
  • the role of the I Ching in O’Brien’s Visionary Decision Making system

Sample Interview Questions/Topics — related to the Visionary I Ching (eBook and App)

  • What is the I Ching, or Book of Changes?
  • History of one of the oldest books in the world …
  • What motivated you to write a new modern version of the I Ching?
  • How is Visionary I Ching different than the original version?
  • What is the I Ching most useful for?
  • Why do you refer to it as the first “change management” tool?
  • How do you define “divination?”
  • How is divination different than psychic readings or fortune telling?
  • How does the I Ching work?
  • Can you explain Jung’s concepts of archetypes and synchronicity?
  • Can a person ask the I Ching any question?
  • You write that there are many benefits of consulting the I Ching …
  • How you were introduced to the I Ching?
  • What are good ways that a person can take advantage of the I Ching in daily life?
  • What skills do people need in interpreting an I Ching reading?
  • Are there particular kinds of questions one should pose to the I-Ching?
  • Is there a best way to frame a question to the I Ching?
  • How has the I Ching helped you personally in your career and relationships?
  • How often do you think a person should consult the I Ching?
  • How is the I-Ching a great tool for improving timing?
  • Why do you think divination (I-Ching, Tarot, etc) more popular now than ever?
  • You talk about “going direct” for guidance and that this is a liberating approach to spirituality … how so?
  • You are known as “the father of divination software” – how did you invent divination software back in 1989?
  • The Divination Foundation is now publishing Visionary I Ching more than 20 years after you first wrote it ???
  • Divination Foundation also has a new I-Ching APP, right? Tell us how that came about!
  • What are the advantages of an App?
  • How can you authentically replicate the casting of I Ching coins using a smartphone?
  • In your new book you present the I-Ching as just one tool in the Visionary Decision Making approach …

Questions about Visionary Decision Making

  • Tell us about the new book you are writing: Great Decisions, Perfect Timing — the Seven Pillars of Visionary Decision Making
  • This approach that you call “Visionary Decision Making” … what is the essence of it?
  • Why is it said that “life is the sum of your choices?”
  • Why is decision-making more critically important these days?
  • Why do you think it is that people are so terrible at making big decisions?
  • You claim that anyone can learn to improve their intuition … explain
  • Timing is a decision … how are timing and intuition related? Is it really possible to develop these instincts?
  • Why is timing so important? What do you mean by “predictive intelligence?
  • What are the benefits of Visionary Decision Making? How difficult is it?
  • What do you mean about achieving the synchronistic lifestyle? What is that?
  • Why is Visionary Decision Making a more “holistic” approach to decision making?
  • You explain Intuition as the Sixth Sense in an interesting way …
  • In the Visionary Decision Making system, how do logic and intuition cooperate?
  • In your new work, you offer an useful and easy technique for applying logic to decision making …
  • Why do you feel intuition should lead logic in strategic decision making?
  • You refer to Jung’s “collective unconscious” as Infinite Intelligence, the spiritual aspect of decision making …
  • what part do you think divination should play in intuitive decision making?
  • What is the secret of perfect timing?
  • Why do you say that great timing is the “holy grail” of success and happiness?
  • What things can we do to learn to improve our timing?