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ebook_VisionaryIChing_rgbFThe Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making is a modernized and beautifully illustrated adaptation of the ancient Taoist divination system known as the I Ching, or Book of Changes (paintings by Joan Larimore). It is a system for the cultivation of predictive intelligence, to help leaders and individuals manage accelerating change in an age of anxiety, make strategic professional and relationship decisions, improve timing and reduce stress. Paul O’Brien’s The Visionary I Ching is a masterful adaption complete with an original evocative painting by Joan Larimore for each of the 64 chapters, or hexagrams. The text upgrades the ancient oracle’s traditional patriarchal and militarist language, while carefully preserving the essence of strategic decision-making wisdom derived more from a Taoist than Confucian perspective.

The I Ching has a 3000-year history with emperors, sages and leaders utilizing the divination system for strategic decision-making, especially in times of great change and uncertainty. Use of the I Ching stimulates the intuition for more skillful and creative decisions. This ancient classic is a sourcebook of practical wisdom that can be used to manage the changes and challenges of these chaotic times, as people look for solutions to confusing problems and dilemmas.

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Paul O’Brien’s I Ching helps one to think outside the box, to approach strategic decisions and important relationships with more creativity and wisdom. –John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

The Visionary I Ching” is a refreshing and illuminating new version of the oracular classic. Liberated from militaristic and anachronistic language that has sometimes impeded effective use of prior versions, Paul O’Brien’s 21st Century update is enhanced by the evocative artwork associated with each hexagram, and by clear and helpful instructions. The result is an I Ching that is freed of any traces of superstition, grounded in a clear-sighted view of synchronicity, and wise in its counsel on how best to approach throwing the coins or yarrow stalks in a meditative, ritual manner. “The Visionary I Ching” is a truly valuable new expression of this ancient oracle and performs an essential service by making its profound wisdom much more easily accessible and intelligible to modern users. Ralph White, co-founder of the New York Open Center.

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Publishing Information

The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making Author: Paul O’Brien. Illustrator: Joan Larimore
eBook / 232 pages / 11 x 9 inches
Publication Date: January 2013
List Price: $9.99
Published by Divination Foundation Press (Portland, OR)
ISBN: 978-0-9884942-0-6